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Overseas Education Consultants

The northern part of India is teeming with Overseas Education Consultants these days as there are numerous aspirants who want to study abroad and are in the lookout of proper guidance and counseling. Although most of us might be good at academics but these little nitty-gritties of filing for study visa seems to be a Herculean task and there comes the role of Overseas Education Consultants but what is crucial to know is the authenticity of those Overseas Education Consultants and their work. One undoubtedly wants to get a genuine consultant who can guide through the whole procedure step by step and especially when it comes to study visa, one of the important aspects is to assess your current credentials and find the best suitable course with good prospects and equally good institute/university finally the statement of purpose , which is the most crucial aspect of filing a visa as the visa success mainly depends on how well you present your candidature ensuring not to miss any detail and still keeping it brief. In other words leaving no stones unturned to present your case in best possible manner.

Although as already mentioned above that there are countless Overseas Education Consultants in the market but only few are genuine or knowledgeable. Infact, it is very unfortunate that people are being fooled and robbed off by giving false assurances and fake claims. Without any doubt it’s a business but one should always believe to work with integrity instead of misguiding people. There are many cases we see in our daily lives that leaves us to ponder and that was the major reason we came into being.

We, PEC (Phoenix Educational Consultancy) are proud to bring the best to the table. We believe we are there to cater to all your needs and serve as one step solution to all your queries and needs regarding international study. Our mission is to bring Phoenix Education at the door step. We might not claim to be the best overseas education consultants but we ensure to give the best quality service right from the beginning till the end as we are a group of professionals with ample experience of education in abroad nations. We at PEC do thorough academic assessment of the student, organize several awareness seminars, provide timely admissions, visa guidance, induct pre departure orientation. PEC is accredited as one of the top leading institute to recruit the maximum number of students in Russia, Europe and Bangladesh as well.