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Study In USA


The United States of America is a federal presidential constitutional republic in North America. It is a global superpower which is influencing the world politically, economically, scientifically, militarily, culturally, financially and technologically. It shares its borders with Canada and Mexico. Washington,D.C. is its capital and New York City is its largest city. Other major cities are Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. Its currency is United States dollar ($) and national language is English. USA is a permanent member of United Nations Security Council and thus directly and indirectly shapes every decision taking place in the international arena. The entire GPS of the world is under American control. Basically, the USA rules the world. And remarkable education provided in American educational institutions is one big reason for that. Some of the world’s topmost and premier universities are in USA. These make students future-ready and equip them with the latest skill set required to excel in the world. A degree from an American institution is the sine qua non of success. USA is a pioneer in technology. So all the courses involving science and technology in USA are especially popular among international students.

Some of the popular courses in USA are:

Bachelor’s program

• Engineering
1. Civil Engineering
2. Mining Engineering
3. Chemical Engineering
4. Computer Engineering
5. Industrial Engineering
6. Software Engineering
7. Electrical Engineering
8. Geological Engineering
9. Biomedical Engineering
10. Mechanical Engineering
11. Manufacturing Engineering
12. Environmental Engineering

• Medicine and Para medicine
1. Nursing
2. Pharmacy
3. Sports Medicine
4. Dental Medicine
5. Medicinal Chemistry
6. Nuclear Medicine Technology

• Commerce and Management
1. Finance
2. Commerce
3. Economics
4. Marketing
5. Global Commerce
6. Digital Retailing
7. Information Management
8. International Business
9. Business Administration

• Humanities and Arts
1. History
2. Fine Arts
3. Sociology
4. Psychology
5. Philosophy
6. Social Work
7. Theater Arts
8. Photography
9. Gender studies
10. Performing Arts
11. Political Science
12. English Literature

Master’s Program

• Engineering
1. Civil Engineering
2. Chemical Engineering
3. Software Engineering
4. Electrical Engineering
5. Geological Engineering
6. Biomedical Engineering
7. Mechanical Engineering
8. Metallurgical Engineering
9. Environmental Engineering

• Medicine and Para medicine
1. Surgery
2. Nursing
3. Pharmacy
4. Optometry
5. Physiology
6. Medical Physics
7. Sports Medicine
8. Dental Medicine
9. Medicinal Chemistry
10. Nuclear Medicine Technology

• Commerce and Management
1. Finance
2. Commerce
3. Economics
4. Marketing
5. Business Administration
6. International Business
7. International Management

• Humanities and Arts
1. History
2. Fine Arts
3. Social Work
4. Theater Arts
5. Sociology
6. Psychology
7. Philosophy
8. Political Science
9. Gender studies
10. English Literature

Why Study In USA

Living cost – Accommodation and food expenses in USA total to nearly INR 25,000 per month depending upon the city. Working part time, you can easily manage your expenses.

Scholarships – American government and various non-governmental organizations provide a good amount of scholarship to students so that they can study in the best educational institutions over there.

Co-op programme – There are many courses provided by universities in USA which offer cooperative education programmes (co-ops). Co-op is a great opportunity through which students can gain hands-on experience by getting a job in their field of study and thus learn professional skills besides earning money. It proves to be of help in getting a good job after the completion of course.

Topmost universities – Out of the top 100 universities, 32 are American. Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, Caltech are some of the institutions which are renowned world over for providing matchless education.

Friendly environment – According to the World Giving Index, Americans are best at helping the strangers. The student support network of the USA is considered to be excellent.

A lifetime experience – While studying in a hegemonic power, you will experience life as never before. The lifestyle of USA is unmatchable and you shall be able to make friends from almost every part of the world owing to its multicultural environment.

Rewarding career assured – After you get a degree from an American university, your career is set. Employers from all over the world will be yearning to hire you.

Internationally recognized degree – The USA is a founding member of the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, Organization of American States among various others. An American degree is recognized world over.


1. Medical fitness
2. Completed class XII (for graduation) and graduation (for post-graduation)
3. Tests based on course and university such as GRE, GMAT, SAT etc.

English proficiency – the score requirement depends on the chosen course but minimum requirement is
IELTS : minimum 6.0 overall or
TOEFL : minimum 50 overall


1. Resume
2. Birth certificate
3. A valid passport
4. IELTS/TOEFL scorecard
5. Medical certificate
6. Statement of Purpose
7. Police Clearance Certificate
8. Completed application form
9. Two academic reference letters
10. An appropriate source of funding
11. 4 passport size color photographs (background should be white)
12. Mark sheet of class XII (for graduation) and of class XII and graduation (for post-graduation)


1. Yale University
2. Duke University
3. Brown University
4. Cornell University
5. Columbia University
6. Princeton University
7. New York University
8. Ohio State University
9. University of Chicago
10. University of Michigan
11. Johns Hopkins University

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