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Usually the students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during their study and they can work full time during vacations. The income thus earned can help you manage your expenses.

First of all, the visa interview is not as strenuous as the students generally perceive. Confidently and smartly answering the questions will get you through. The interview experts at Phoenix Education will prepare you well for the interview.

Phoenix Education flawlessly provides post arrival services. So you need not worry. We will assist you in properly settling down in the country you choose to go to.

You can choose to live in the hostel of the university you choose to study in. Otherwise, student dormitories are available at affordable rates. Also, you can choose to live in a shared flat or PG or a rented apartment depending upon your budget.

While choosing a country, some of the factors you should keep in mind are: level of education, safety, chances of PR, quality of life, expenses etc.

Explore your interests to know which field you would like to choose. Phoenix Education helps you in the same by acquainting you with a list of courses available in various universities across the globe and suggests you the course which best suits your profile and educational background.

Most of the universities provide scholarships to the deserving candidates. You can get benefited by a scholarship scheme provided by a governmental or non-governmental organization if you possess the requisite skill set. For further information, you should check the scholarship section on the website of the university you are applying to.

Once you hold hands with Phoenix Education, it becomes our responsibility to make proper travel arrangements for you. We help you choose an ideal travel date and arrange air tickets for you. We ensure an easy immigration clearance and a hassle-free journey.

In the era of globalization, there are hardly any broad cultural differences left among the countries of the world. You need not worry about adjustments. The international students easily make friends in a new country and the teachers also view international students favorably.

Phoenix Education is trusted company with a high visa success rate. We assist you in everything required for studying abroad ranging from choosing the best course in an appropriate country, document versification, visa filing and interview preparation to pre and post landing services with perfection.

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