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Phoenix Education Services

Why choose PHOENIX CONSULTANTS over other education consultants? Well, consider the following services we have been impeccably providing to our students since past TEN YEARS :

Study Visa Consultancy : We help you to choose a course which suits you best given your academic interests, country preferences, affordability and various other parameters. Even if you are not sure of your field of interest and in case you have no idea as to which country you would want to pursue your education in, Phoenix Education is recognised as best study visa consultancy which will help you explore your interests by making you aware of the pros and cons associated with each country and course.

Document Verification and Visa Filing : Confused about which document is apt to be sent for your visa file? Or have you lost some of your important documents? There’s always a way out when you hold hands with Phoenix. We shall assist you in preparing a file of your essential documents that are requisite for the visa application process.

Interview Preparation : Student visa interviews need to be carefully dealt with as they can play a vital role in visa selection. We acquaint you with the quintessential skills that are required for your success at the interview. Mock interviews and sample questions at Phoenix are exactly what you need to excel at it.

Reception of students abroad : Worried about who will take care of you once you step your feet on foreign land? Phoenix is there for you. We will arrange for your departure and arrival and help you settle in the country and the university you choose to study in.

Follow-up until complete settlement : Our job does not end at merely getting you a visa. We will be in touch with you until the time you need us. We shall acquaint you with the rules of the country you choose and will follow-up until you are smoothly settled. Furthermore, we keep the parents in the loop about the student’s performance from time to time.

Hope you take a right decision and choose PHOENIX EDUCATION CONSULTANTS for a bright future! Contact US – Click Here