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The Republic of Poland is a developed country in Central Europe bordered by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Kaliningrad Oblast (Russian subject) and the Baltic Sea. Warsaw is its capital as well as the largest city. Other major cities are Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław and Poznań. Its currency is Polish złoty (zł) and official language is Polish. The country is a part of the European Union and Schengen area. Literacy rate in Poland is an amazing figure of 99.8%. Education in Poland significantly pertains to practical knowledge, career and employment orientation, dynamic pedagogy and non-tedious courses. The courses in Poland are divided into the following cycles

1. Second cycle consists of master’s programs of 1.5-2 years duration.
2. Long cycle consists of master’s programs of 4.5-6 years duration.
3. Third cycle consists of doctoral programs of 3-4 years duration.
4. First cycle consists of bachelor’s programs of 3-4 years duration.

There are a few universities in Poland which provide free education in nursing along with a stipend of €350 to those with a good percentage (70% and above) in academics and an IELTS score of 5.5 and above.

Some popular courses in Poland are:
1. Bachelor’s Programme
2. Medicine and Science
3. BSc Chemistry (University of Wroclaw)
4. BSc Biotechnology (University of Wroclaw)
5. BSc Applied Informatics (Cracow University of Economics, Krakow)
6. BSc Power Engineering (UTP University of Science and Technology)
7. BSc Civil Engineering (Silesian University of Technology)
8. BSc in Physiotherapy (Nicolaus Copernicus University Collegium Medicum)
9. BSc Data Engineering (Gdansk University of Technology)
10. BSc Mechanical Engineering and Machine Building (Wroclaw University of Technology)

Commerce and Management

1. BA International Business (Collegium Civitas)
2. BSc Product Manager (Cracow University of Economics, Krakow)
3. BSc International Business (Cracow University of Economics, Krakow)
4. BSc Business Administration (Polonia University in Czestochowa)
5. BSc Corporate Finance and Accounting (Cracow University of Economics, Krakow)

Humanities and Arts

1. Bachelor in English Philology (University of Wroclaw)
2. Bachelor in European Culture (University of Wroclaw)
3. Bachelor of Political Science (Institute of Political Science, University of Wroclaw)
4. B.Sc. Tourism Management – Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Services (Marie Curie University)

Master’s programme

• Medicine and Science
1. MSc in Chemistry (University of Wroclaw)
2. MSc in Dentistry (Wroclaw Medical University)
3. MSc in Medicine (Wroclaw Medical University)
4. Master in Theoretical Physics (University of Wroclaw)
5. Mechanical engineering (UTP University of Science and Technology)

• Commerce and Management
1. MBA in International Management (ESCP Europe)
2. Master in Managerial Economics (University of Wroclaw)
3. MSc International Business (Cracow University of Economics, Krakow)
4. Master in International Management (Gdansk University of Technology)
5. MSc International Finance and Accounting (Cracow University of Economics, Krakow)
6. MSc Corporate Finance and Accounting (Cracow University of Economics, Krakow)
7. Master in Economic Analytics (Global Studies) (Gdansk University of Technology)
8. International Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Cracow University of Economics, Krakow)

• Humanities and Arts
1. MA in Asian Studies (Collegium Civitas)
2. Master in Political Science (University of Wroclaw)
3. Master in English Philology (University of Wroclaw)
4. Master in European Studies (University of Wroclaw)
5. Masters in International Relations (Collegium Civitas)
6. Master in Tourism and Hospitality (University of Wroclaw)
7. Master in Sociology – Intercultural Mediation (University of Wroclaw)
8. Master in Journalism and Social Communication (University of Wroclaw)
9. Masters in Intercultural Communication & New Media (Collegium Civitas)
10. Master in Administration in International Organizations (University of Wroclaw)

Why Study In Poland

Living cost – Accommodation and food expenses in Poland total to nearly INR 15,000 per month. Thus cost of living in Poland is not too much considering that it is a European country.

Safe country – Poland is a comparatively safer country in Europe and has a very low crime rate. Polish people are peace-loving.

Easy admission process – There is not much documentation and strenuous procedure involved to study in Poland. Your school/college mark sheets and English Proficiency Scorecard is the basic requirement. The offer letter also arrives within a few days.

Work related conditions – If you are studying in Poland, you automatically acquire the Right to Work. International students are allowed to work full time during their holidays and part-time (around 20 hours/week) during the study.

European degree at low cost – In spite of being a European country, the cost of education is low. Many general courses can be studied at a tuition fee of around INR 2.5 lacs per year. Also, the degree is an internationally recognized one.

Membership of international organizations – The Republic of Poland is a member of international organizations such as the European Union (EU), North Atlantic treaty Organization (NATO), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United Nations (UN), the Schengen Area, the Three Seas Initiative, and the Visegrád Group.


1. Medical fitness
2. Completed class XII (for graduation) and graduation (for post-graduation)
3. A good academic score in the subject of English (70% and above). If a student does not possess that, IELTS is required.


1. Birth certificate
2. A valid passport
3. Curriculum Vitae
4. Health insurance
5. Statement of Purpose
6. Medical fitness certificate
7. Police Clearance Certificate
8. Completed application form
9. An appropriate source of funding
10. 4 passport size colour photographs (background should be white)
11. Mark sheet of class XII (for graduation) and of class XII and graduation (for post-graduation)

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