Why to Study Medicine in Europe? – Here Are The Reasons Why

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Why to Study Medicine in Europe? – Here Are The Reasons Why

In my recent research on studying medicine abroad, I have found many medical aspirants have one common question in their head. Where to study medicine in Abroad?

For no other reasons, this is the most obvious question to ask if you are considering studying abroad for the most honored profession that needs great deal of responsibility and accountability. Studying medicine is taken as recondite study and cannot be chosen without reaching your culminate point of will power of attempting.

If you are among those who have taken this will power of pursing medical studies and now, acknowledging doing from abroad, then, here below are the most reasonable and acceptable points by many students to study medicine in

Europe –

  • Admission Terms
    The terms of admission to Europe are normally much simpler than they are in the States, which allows students rejected by the institutions in their own country to learn the desired profession. In addition, the school provides social and cultural experience which is unique and enriching.


  • Tuition Fee
    Studying medicine in the US is without a doubt a costly investment. Doctors pay off their loans for years, and some carry their debt throughout their entire life.European medical schools are significantly cheaper, and for students who do not have the means to pay their way through medical school, this is rather a deciding consideration.


  • Admission Process
    The process is much simpler – you need to pass entrance exams (biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy etc.) which are written and oral. The process is greatly less tedious and in many ways more friendly than that found in North America.


  • Study Duration
    In Europe, one could begin to study medicine straight out of high school. Europe does not require undergraduate degrees, which adds another three to four years to the process in the U.S.  The overall medical Studies usually last six to seven years in Europe that make it eight to 10 years of school in actuality in U.S.


  • Student Surveys
    According to surveys conducted while students studying medicine in Europe, it is observed students are provided a variety of routes, some of which do not prevail in academic institutions in other countries.



Although, these above five points are always considered first while deciding country and college to study in for any profession. And, if students can pursue medical studies in Europe with all the good and most agreed reasons to study there then we can’t gainsay studying medicine in Europe.